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Why Us in Lebanon?

Now that you have taken the decision to go for a Weight Loss Surgery, choosing the best place is certainly the next most important decision you have to take.

Why should you consider doing the procedure at the Weight Loss Surgery Clinic in Lebanon?

  • 1. Cost affordability:
    • Prices for weight loss surgery in most countries are very high, they mainly range between: $15.000 and $35.000.
    • At the Weight Loss Surgery Clinic, you are able to achieve up to 70% cost savings. Our international patients are often surprised at how low the bill actually is in view of the excellent performance of the Clinic.
    • Package fees include: medical expenses and hospital stay.

  • 2. High Quality Standards:
    • The Hôpital Notre Dame du Liban, Jounieh, in which operates the Weight Loss Surgery Clinic, was awarded the highest level of quality by an Australian accreditation commission and labeled as a class A hospital. This accreditation is based on patient's safety, performance, equipment, service quality, staff and procedure.
    • In order to meet the high quality standards of the accreditation, the Weight Loss Surgery Clinic is committed to safe, high quality surgical care.

  • 3. Wide range of medical and surgical services:
    • The Hôpital Notre Dame du Liban Jounieh, is a modern, well equipped hospital having the most advanced medical technology and a full complement of specialist services.
    • Facilities include: intensive care, open heart, stem cell, radiology, clinical laboratories, gynecology, orthopedics and dialyses units.
    • The operating rooms are specially equipped for a complete range of surgeries from basic surgery and minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopic surgery) to cardiac surgery.
    • The hospital is designed to promote a relaxed and comfortable environment. All the staff is highly trained with an overall aim of creating a caring environment to encourage speedy recovery and well-being.

  • 4. International Patients Seeking Medical "Holiday" and privacy:
    • One of the reasons our international and local patients choose the Weight Loss Surgery Clinic is the desire for anonymity. Patients who are looking for privacy are able to get the surgery without anyone knowing about it. They come back home fully recovered and can talk about "what a nice vacation they had in Lebanon".
    • Traveling for a "medical holiday" also provides an opportunity for those with limited vacation time to have both medical services and an enjoyable vacation with their family or partner.
    • Hotel package available on demand.

  • 5. Lebanon: favorite medical tourist destination:
    • Our international patients choose the Weight Loss Surgery Clinic because they can combine family vacation and medical holiday at the same time. While patients rest and recover, the whole family can discover Lebanon, "a land of golden beaches and stunning mountain landscapes", a land of culture and social nightlife life.
    • Numerous attractions await the whole family: Baalbeck temple, Cedar forest, old Byblos city, Jeita Grotto, Beiteddine palace…The travel agency we cooperate with, arranges all your travel needs and organizes day tours, with pick up from your hotel, for your family.
    • Within a few hours' reach from Arabian Gulf countries.
    • No language barrier: spoken language being Arabic, English and French.