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Name Year of surgery Weight on operation day Time since surgery New Weight

Elisabeth R.


115 kgs

3 years

65 kgs

Mona A.


117 kgs

1 year

60 kgs

Noha S.


90 kgs

4 years

58 kgs

Rabih T.


120 kgs

4 years

75 kgs

Richard K.


160 kgs

3 years

97 kgs

  • Elias, operated in November 2010

    "...I had almost no pain and I felt wonderful within days of the surgery...

    My name is Elias. I have been suffering from obesity for about 20 years, struggling with my weight the whole time. I've tried many diets but never succeeded in keeping the weight loss off for long. I did lose weight (reached a loss of 20kgs!) but only to put it on again. Whatever I did was of no help. My metabolism was such that I had the tendency to put weight no matter what.

    The weight problem has been a problem running in my family. Several members of my family are overweight (or, have been overweight). I thought that this was an inevitable heredity problem and that I would never be able to lose my excess fat, until I saw the wonderful results on my sister after she did the gastric bypass.

    She lost about 30 kg in 6 months!!!

    With the help of Dr. Adaimi, my sister had undergone the Weight Loss Surgery a few months ago and I could see her change day by day. Through the experience of my sister, I realized that the operation was much less painful than expected and the weight loss very rapid. It has changed her life and she is so much happier and healthier now.

    This is when I decided to ask for Dr. Adaimi's help. He is such a knowledgeable, caring doctor and person who really makes everything you need to know very clear and understandable. A week after my appointment, I had my gastric bypass. I am amazed how easy it went. I can see and feel the difference in my health and energy level. I will soon decrease my diabetes medication and hopefully will be able to stop it completely in a few months.

    ...The only regret I have is not having done this surgery earlier..."

  • Pascale, operated in October 2010

    "...This was the best thing I had ever done...

    My name is Pascale and I was fed up with diets which never worked. My overweight was becoming a real health burden, not to mention my increasing low self-esteem and body image.

    Being overweight is really dreadful, especially in our Lebanese society where the appearance is so important. I could always feel the people looking at me and judging me for my overweight. It always made me feel miserable.

    After hearing about Weight Loss Surgery and Dr. Adaimi's reputation in this field, I finally decided to take an appointment at the Weight Loss Surgery Clinic. This was the best thing I had ever done. Dr. Adaimi helped me feel comfortable about the idea of surgery; he was very informative and explained very clearly exactly what would happen during the whole procedure. One of my greatest fears was the pain that I expected after the operation. Dr. Adaimi helped me get over this fear. He promised that with a laparoscopic gastric bypass, the surgery would be painless. And he was right. I never felt the pain and could walk the next day of the operation.

    It was a very pleasant experience from the beginning to the end dealing with Dr. Adaimi and his staff in the Hôpital Notre Dame du Liban. The nurses were wonderful, always smiling and helpful. They were always willing to assist in any way possible. The hospital felt like a big family and I was at ease the whole time.

    It has been 4 weeks since the operation now and I'm amazed at how much my life has already changed; my scars are small and are healing wonderfully. I'm so glad I opted for the laparoscopic surgery rather than the open. I have already started to lose weight (11 kgs in 4 weeks!). The diet guidelines I received after the surgery are a real help. They give me tips on how to adjust to my new stomach. For the 1st time I am able to follow a healthy eating plan without any problem because I feel full after so little food.

    ...The day of my surgery was really the day of my new beginning..."

  • Walid, operated in August 2008

    "...I am happy now because I can live a normal life...

    My name is Walid and on the day of my surgery I weighed 200kgs!!! Now I weigh 110kgs less…I would never have imagined that such a permanent weight loss was ever possible!!! The gastric bypass gave me a new life!

    How to describe my life before surgery…It was a constant battle with losing lots of weight then putting it all back on and more every time. Not to mention that I was taking pills for diabetes, for high blood pressure, for high cholesterol and for depression. I used to get out of breath while walking small distances, have joint pain, an enlarged heart and poor quality sleep.

    I decided for a weight loss surgery when my doctor told me something had to change or the overweight related diseases would increase much more to an extent that my life was at risk.

    The gastric bypass surgery was a complete success. There are no words to explain how wonderful I feel now. I cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Adaimi and his staff. He is the best surgeon that I have ever met. He made me feel confident from the beginning; I knew I was in good hands.

    The best of all is that I am happy now because I can live a normal life, just like everybody else. I can exercise, run, and play without problems anymore. I do not need seatbelt extensions in planes anymore; I no longer have to look around the room for a chair large enough for me to sit in; and I am now no longer a victim of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or depression.

    ...I really can say that the gastric bypass gave me a new life..."

  • Eliane, operated in October 2005

    "…I have successfully maintained my new weight over all these years!

    My name is Elian; I had gastric bypass 5 years ago and have successfully maintained my ideal weight of 50kgs. I feel 20 years younger. I have indeed improved my health and my life. I am no longer unable to do things because of my weight; I can do anything.

    I must say, making the decision to have weight loss surgery was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to do but it was also the best decision I have ever made… I was really nervous and anxious the day of the surgery, I was prepared for a lot of pain, discomfort and long recovery, none of which happened. I was really amazed when I could go back to my daily activities within 10 days.

    As Dr. Adaimi strongly suggested it, I strictly followed the dietary guidelines and started to exercise regularly and it worked perfectly. I am so happy with my new weight which I was able to keep all this time.

    The surgery not only helped me, but has made our family healthier because of the changes in my behavior. Gastric Bypass didn't just save my life, it gave me a much better one.

    ...I can never thank Dr. Adaimi enough for giving me a life I never knew was possible..."