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Dr. Frédéric ADAIMI

As the Chief Medical Director, Dr. Frederic Adaimi is the leading surgeon at the Hôpital Notre Dame du Liban in Jounieh, Lebanon.

After completing 17 years of training amongst the most famous hospitals in Germany (Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Krefeld…) in the fields of vascular, general and bariatric surgery (Weight Loss Surgery), Dr. Adaimi moved back to Lebanon in year 2000 to exercise his medical skills.

Since then, he has performed thousands of various open and laparoscopic surgeries with exemplary results, earning an outstanding reputation in Lebanon and the Middle East.

He is mostly well known among his staff, colleagues and patients for the major surgeries he performs on all parts of the body, which take a lot of precision, skill and time.

He regularly performs laparoscopic surgeries and laparoscopic Weight Loss surgeries that require very important surgical skills, for the benefit of his patients. They recover much faster, have less scars, have a shorter hospital stay and most importantly have a lower risk of wound infection.

Patients appreciate Dr. Adaimi for his honesty, friendship and concern for their safety and well-being.

He has treated patients from all over Lebanon and other countries. As a German and Lebanese citizen, he is fluent in Arabic, German, English and French.

He is a member of multiple professional societies (Lebanese Society for General Surgery, Lebanese Society for Vascular Surgery…) and is a clinical professor of surgery at the Lebanese German University and the Lebanese University.

During your consultation, you can count Dr. Adaimi to give you detailed information about your situation and what to expect from a Weight Loss Surgery. He is dedicated to find the less invasive procedure.

"Bariatric surgery is a wonderful kind of surgery: it gives back health, self esteem and life quality to people who had always suffered from overweight.

It is especially rewarding when my patients are so grateful and thank me for having cured them from overweight related diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure...

I really love what I do. I love helping my patients get a new life and be able to do such simple things as playing with their kids or walking up stairs without being out of breath..."

Dr. Frédéric Adaimi