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Cosmetic Surgery Options

Your weight goal has now been achieved. You feel lighter, healthier, happier...

You can almost celebrate!!!!

...Unfortunately, the large amount of weight you have lost has left you with loose and hanging skin, which is a common problem to all people having reduced their weight in a massive way. The most problematic areas are the stomach, thighs and upper arms.

Excess skin is not only a cosmetic problem; it is also a hygiene and health problem: chronic skin to skin contact can lead to skin irritation or infections. This is why, many patients choose to have this taken care of by After-Weight-Loss Plastic Surgery or contouring surgery. This will help them obtain the best possible body shape that is hidden underneath the excess skin.

If you have decided to achieve the body shape you are seeking through contouring surgery, the Weight Loss Surgery Clinic will provide you with a reshaping program aimed at removing this excess fat deposit. Dr. Frédéric Adaimi has successfully helped many of his patients improve their appearance by removing this additional skin.