Weight Loss Surgery Clinic
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Weight Loss Surgery Clinic

It is now well known that weight loss surgery – or bariatric surgery- is the most effective solution for permanent weight loss and its related life-threatening diseases, such as diabetes, coronary artery diseases, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, cancer...

At the Weight Loss Surgery Clinic we help you determine the weight loss surgical procedure that is right for you with the safest and best results.

At the WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY CLINIC you will find:

  • Highly experienced & qualified surgeon: Dr. Frederic Adaimi
    More than 17 years of practice in Germany, more than 10 years of experience in weight loss surgery and more than 200 weight loss surgeries in the last 12 months with excellent results.

    Dr. Frédéric Adaimi has been rated among the best in the region by his colleagues and as an artist in surgery by his patients who have been recommending him to their relatives and friends.

  • Costs :
    Hospitalization fees are highly affordable and studied so as to be reduced to minimum.

  • High Quality Standards :
    The Hôpital Notre Dame du Liban, Jounieh, in which the Weight Loss Surgery Clinic operates, was awarded the highest level of quality by an Australian accreditation commission & labeled as a class A hospital. This accreditation is based on patient's safety, performance, equipment, service quality, staff and procedure. The hospital has the same technological level as hospitals in Europe and America.

  • Safety :
    As a Class A hospital, the Hôpital Notre Dame du Liban, Jounieh, is committed to providing the safest environment and the safest care to its local and international patients.

  • Surgical Options :
    Different Weight Loss Surgery procedures are offered to match each individual patient's needs : Gastric Bypass , Gastric Banding , Sleeve Gastrectomy , Revisonal Surgery , After Weight Loss Cosmetic surgery.

  • Caring and skilled staff :
    The doctor and staff at the Weight Loss Surgery Clinic strive to provide you and your family with the best possible care. The staff is skilled and experienced in all weight loss surgical procedures.

  • Flexibility : "Not Fat Enough for W.L.Surgery?"
    Not only obese persons get the chance to have a Weight Loss Surgery, also people with a BMI<40 who suffer from a life-threatening illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure can qualify for WLS.